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Iskraemeco data concentrators are a vital component of the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). They autonomously manage the metering network to ensure a robust, scalable and cost-effective solution with impeccable system performance.  

Communication modules turn electricity meters into smart metering devices. In today`s fast-changing communication environment, they provide utilities with maximum flexibility for their future smart grid needs. Our latest P2P, G3PLC and RF communication technologies can be used for data transfer from devices onto a central system. 

We offer a variety of tools and accessories for deploying, installing and maintaining metering systems.  



A turn-key project in 2006 that included smart meters, an AMR system, a data collection system, PLC and GSM communication, installation and delivery services. The project involved a total of 250,000 electricity metering points. They also enabled reading of water meters via a pulse inputs interface.  


An NTA/DSMR pilot project in 2006 was followed by pre-rollout between 2009-2014 and full rollout in 2016. The project involves over 500,000 metering points with GPRS communication, a SMR5 project and use of a private CDMA network. It is a Fair Meter project with a total of 2.5 million smart meters.  


We have helped with the development of sub-utility communicating meters via Mbus wireless communication.  


Working in the real estate sector we have installed over 15,000 smart meters with GSM/GPRS/Ethernet/PLC connectivity, in collaboration with developers Emaar, New Giza, TAQA Power and others. The Egyptian Canal Distribution Company (ECDC) and South Cairo Distribution Company (SCDC) have awarded us the project of 50,000 smart meters with sep2w system software and GSM/GPRS and PLC-3G communication. 

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