Steel Products

We provide some of the most comprehensive and innovative cabling products in the Middle East. We were the first manufacturer in Egypt to produce Prestressed Concrete Strands. PC strands are used to prestress structural components to improve load capacity and are suitable for tall buildings, parking spaces, water tanks, silos, malls, airports, stadiums, hospitals, tunnels and bridges. As leaders in the field, we have approved standards at the Faculty of Engineering of Ain Shams University, the BELAC laboratory in Belgium and the Chicago Technical Lab in the USA. 

Benefits of Prestressed Concrete Strands

  • Larger slab spans = fewer columns
  • Savings in materials
  • Fast installation
  • Significant reduction in building weight
  • Reduction in cracks
  • Fewer intermediate supports = reduced impact on the environment as well as on water or road traffic below

We manufacture a wide range of steel wires from 0.8 to 5.00 mm, as per BS EN 10244-2/2001, 10257-1/98 or to fit your specific requirements.  

Product Range

Armoring cables, barbed wires, mesh wires and all commercial applications

Steel core for aluminum conductor steel-reinforced cable (ACSR) for overhead power lines, stay wires, earth wires and damper wires and other applications.

For mattress springs and other commercial applications.

7-wire steel strands produced from hot-rolled, high carbon steel wire rods. After cleaning and descaling they are fabricated into multi-wire strands and thermally stress-relieved. 

Product cerification

Alamein Towers, Alamein Latin District

Lake View Residence

Eterna Healthcare City

Al Jazi Mall, New Cairo

Safir Bridge

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