Elsewedy Electric Transmission and Distribution Secures Two Fast Track Tenders

October 2020

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Elsewedy Electric Transmission and Distribution secured two tenders to be implemented on a fast track basis. It acquired the legal practices of overhead transmission lines (OHTL) and substation (S/S) with turnkey implementation of construction of 220 KV Double Circuit Toshka 2/Owinat East (in/out) connection to Toshka (4) substation, with approximately (2*30) km double bundle per phase using ACSR 380/50 mm2 conductors type and shield wire GS108 mm 2 with a completion period of 4 months.


The second fast track contract is for a Toshka (4) (3×175+ 5x40) MVA, 220/66/22 kV GIS substation. The project includes engineering, design, fabrication, factory tests, delivery duties paid (D.D.P), inland transportation, loading, unloading, installation, erection of power transformers, civil work, site tests, commissioning, insurance until taking over, onsite training and technical assistance during the warranty period and guarantee on turnkey job basis to be completed in a period of 10 months.