February 2022

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For decades, Elsewedy Electric believes that education and development are the cornerstones of a strong and prosperous economy and a competitive workforce. The company success was essentially achieved by the passion and capabilities of our people and will always be built through our internal pool of talent ... young talents!

Beam is our Human Development brand! At Elsewedy Electric we don’t do normal Human Resources we do Human Development, through which we help our talents to learn and fast track their career.

Elsewedy Electric used to have many great programs for graduates and early talent in each company at Elsewedy Electric. This year our CEO decided that we need to leverage on this practice and start an organization wide program to allow various development opportunities for our talents. So, we launched the GDP.

Graduate Development Program - GDP! A ground-breaking development program which will jump-start your career at the speed of light. The program designed for fresh graduates & early talents to get the experienced across various functions in different businesses with different tailored plans considering years of experience. Our selected talent will receive:

  • Intensive formal training Program
  • Coaching sessions for performance improvement
  • Cross functional job rotations to get their hands-on practical experience across our businesses.
  • Sharing experience sessions through our well-exposed business leaders

GDP is taking place across Elsewedy Electric Group and its manufacturing facilities worldwide. We select graduates up to 2 years of experience with unique competencies and behaviors, and mental capabilities and from all majors. Can you imagine, we screened over 10,000 applications to select just 118 talents who joined Elsewedy Electric GDP.

You want it? Go for it