Hydropower Energy

We have extended our renewables expertise to hydro power. Dams – the heart of hydropower energy –require specialist expertise and careful project management. Elsewedy Electric’s EPC model has become the favored choice for hydro projects in the region.


The Julius Nyerere 2115 MW Hydropower Project - Tanzania

On the waters of the Rufiji river, in joint venture with The Arab Contractors of Egypt (Osman A. Osman & Co.), ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC is entrusted by the people and government of Tanzania to execute, The Julius Nyerere Hydropower Project. This national mega project that would secure clean power supply to more than 60 million Tanzanians.

  • US $2.9 billion contract
  • 6,307 GWh annual generation
  • EPC scope of works that includes the main dam, saddle dam, coffer dams, diversion tunnels, stop logs & gates, trash racks, admin building, workshop building, colony, intake structure, power house, cranes, spillways, roads, Rufiji bridge, control building, switchyard, surge tanks, hydro turbines with auxiliaries, generators with auxiliaries, main control valves, power tunnels, transmission lines and firefighting system.

Social projects worth over US $116million 

Hydro Akhaias

Founded in 2001, Hydroelektriki Achaias S.A. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Elsewedy Electric controlling the operation of two small hydroelectric power plants (SHPP 2.6MW and 1.0MW) on the Kerinitis River.

• Hydroelektriki Achaias S.A. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Elsewedy Electric S.A. that was established in 2001.

• Hydroelektriki Achaias S.A., owns and controls the operation of two Small Hydroelectric Power Plants SHPP 2.6MW and 1.0MW at Kerinitis river.

• Hydroelektriki plant has two PPA contracts singed for each plant in 12.07.2007 & 10.06.2004 both with a tenor lasting 20 years.

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