EGYPLAST, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elsewedy Electric, is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic compounds and masterbatch in the Middle East and Africa. We have two state-of-the-art, German-engineered factories producing polypropylene fibers and specialist poles for street lighting, decoration and landscaping. With annual production of 120,000 tons, our portfolio is organized into five segments:

  • PVC Compound
  • Masterbatch
  • Special Compounds
  • PP Fibers
  • Fiberglass Poles 

EGYPLAST is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO450001 certified and all materials are produced to RoHS and REACH regulations. We combine rigid quality control levels with international standards of quality, safety and environmental impact.

Product Range
  • Soft PVC Compound
    For cables and wires, footwear, hoses, gaskets, seals, water stops, tools and curtains.
  • Rigid PVC Compound/Granules.
    For window and door profiles, ceiling and ducting profiles, pipes and fittings.  
  • White, Black and Color Masterbatch
  • Special Effect Masterbatch
    • Metallic, Pearlescent, Fluorescent & Glitter
  • Filler Masterbatch
  • Functional Additive Masterbatch 
    • Processing Aid MB
    • Antistatic MB
    • Anti-Block MB
    • Anti-Microbial MB
    • UV MB
    • Infra-Red MB
    • Anti-Oxidant MB
    • Slipping MB)
  • XLPE Compound for Low Voltage Cables
  • HFFR/LS0H Compound for Cables
  • PP Filling Yarn for Multi-Core Cables

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