A Powerful Move into the Spanish Market with Transformers Supply and Installation

March 2024

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A Powerful Move into the Spanish Market with Transformers Supply and Installation

ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC has secured a significant contract with EDP, a global leader in the renewable energy sector in Spain, to supply, install, and site commission six transformers across five substations in three provinces: Asturias, Lugo, and Cantabria. This marks a major step for EE, expanding its presence and expertise in the European market. 


The scope of the project includes the following: 


  • Supply: Providing six high-voltage transformers with varying capacities to meet the specific needs of each substation. 
  • Unloading: Safely and efficiently unload the transformers from their transport vehicles at each site. 
  • Assembly: Carefully assembling the transformers according to manufacturer specifications and ensuring proper integration with existing infrastructure. 
  • Commissioning: Conducting thorough testing and commissioning procedures to ensure the transformers are functioning optimally and ready for operation. 

The project began in October 2023 with the delivery of the transformers. With its successful completion, EE will contribute to strengthening Spain's energy infrastructure and supporting the country's growing renewable energy ambitions. 

Project Scope: 


  • Supply & install: 6 transformers 
  • 5 Substations 
  • 3 Provinces (Asturias, Lugo, Cantabria) 
  • Supply voltage: 132 kV, 55 kV, 30 kV 
  • Output voltage: 50 kV, 20 kV, 12 kV 
  • Capacity: 50 MVAs, 40 MVAs, 20 MVAs, 12 MVAs 

This project further solidifies EE's position as a leading provider of electrical solutions and strengthens its commitment to partnering with key players in the global energy sector.