GAMEK And Elsewedy Electric T&D to Boost Angola’s Power Infrastructure

September 2023

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GAMEK And Elsewedy Electric T&D to Boost Angola’s Power Infrastructure

For the country’s expanding population and economic diversification, Angola urgently needs more electricity. By 2025, the Angolan government hopes to have an installed generation capacity of 9.9 GW and a 60 percent electrification rate.

Elsewedy Electric T&D and the Ministry of Energy and Water (Ministério da Energia e Águas – MNEA ) represented by the company Gabinete de Aproveitamento do Médio Kwanza (GAMEK) have agreed to a contract for the construction of substations and transmission lines in Angola to achieve this obj

As part of this, two 400 kV substations will be built (SE Malanje 400/110 4*150 MVA and SE XÁ Muteba 400/220/30 kV 4*150 MVA + 1* 20 MVA), and a 92 km long 400 kV single-circuit overhead transmission line to link the two substations.

The project required various modifications to the existing substation in Malembo. As part of these modifications, two mobile generation units (GE – TM 2500), two 60/30 kV substations (Buco-Zau and Belize), and a single-circuit- cut 60 kV overhead transmission line of 42 km will be installed. The work was necessary to ensure the stability of energy production and distribution, while also allowing for greater efficacy and reliability. To guarantee quality output, the necessary materials and equipment were carefully selected and installed by highly qualified personnel. The resulting infrastructure will provide a safe and secure platform for the successful delivery of energy to citizens.

The Angola 400 kV National Grid Reinforcement Project was pivotal in guaranteeing the nation of Angola meets its 2025 goals. Reinforcing the national grid, it intends a secure and reliable power supply to the eastern region of the country. This will allow citizens to access the electricity they need, benefiting them in various aspects of their daily lives.