Iskraemeco Secures Croatian Smart Meter Tender with advanced multi-communication capability.

March 2024

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Iskraemeco Secures Croatian Smart Meter Tender with advanced multi-communication capability.

Leveraging our extensive experience and ongoing market analysis, coupled with partner feedback, we ensure that Iskraemeco's smart meters are continually enhanced to meet customer needs, even in the most demanding projects. 

The IE.5 meters are the third generation of smart metering in Iskraemeco, has been instrumental in this achievement, showcasing significant improvements based on continuous market observation and partner's input. 

In the Croatian tender, which entails the rollout of over 200,000 Iskraemeco meters over an 18-month period, the IE.5 meter's multi-communication support, including LTE and G3-PLC technologies within a single unit, was a key differentiator. This technology is enhanced by the Iskraemeco data concentrator AC750, which expertly manages network connectivity and monitoring connected devices. The AC750 performs essential functions such as collecting data from meters, storing it, and ensuring its delivery to the head-end system. With the introduction of new firmware functionalities and improvements in G3-PLC, communication with the meters has become even more reliable. 

The dual-communication feature provided the utility with the flexibility to select the most appropriate communication channel for their infrastructure needs and to switch between them as required, facilitating a more efficient data transmission process. 

The LTE and G3 PLC technologies are selected by utility based on its grid requirements, including coverage, data rate needs, and existing infrastructure. LTE is utilized for its high data rates in areas with cellular coverage, while G3-PLC is leveraged in regions where power lines offer a more consistent communication channel. 

A notable improvement of the IE.5 meter is its G3-PLC communication, which monitors the success rate of transmissions. The communication protocol in our meters is initially configured to a default setting – point-to-point communication but can be adjusted to another communication if needed. Special attention has been given to the G3-PLC functionality: once activated, the meters begin to monitor the efficacy of the communication channel. If any disruptions are detected, the system automatically reverts to the LTE channel to maintain a consistent data transmission. This ensures a seamless flow of information and enhances the reliability of data collection. 

This feature not only provides a more robust communication channel, but also reduces the need for additional infrastructure, thereby optimizing capital and operational costs. 

With deployment of our smart meters with multi communication capabilities, utilities adopt a system that offers enhanced flexibility, improved robustness, and increased frequency of data transmission.  

Iskraemeco by ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC is the preferred partner for those seeking to enhance their metering infrastructure with a dependable and forward-looking solution.